How did you develop your interest in social work?
Identify your personal qualities, strengths, and weaknesses that you consider relevant to your future career in social work.
What areas of social work practice appeal to you as possible career fields? Why?
The statement should be written in first person, active voice using proper grammar. The statement will become a permanent part of the student’s record in the social work files. All information is confidential.

I developed my interest in social work during my undergraduate studies, where I was exposed to various social issues that piqued my curiosity. As I learned more about the field, I found myself drawn to its mission of empowering individuals and communities to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

One of my strengths that I believe will be relevant to my future career in social work is my empathy. I have always been able to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and understand their struggles. I also possess strong communication skills, which I believe will enable me to build trusting relationships with clients and collaborate effectively with colleagues.

However, I also recognize that I have weaknesses that I will need to work on as a social worker. For instance, I sometimes struggle with self-care and may need to develop better strategies for managing stress and burnout. Additionally, I tend to be a perfectionist, which can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations of myself and others.

As I consider possible career fields in social work, I am particularly interested in clinical social work and working with individuals and families to address mental health concerns. I am also drawn to community organizing and advocacy, as I believe that systemic change is necessary to address social inequalities and promote social justice.

Overall, I am excited about the prospect of pursuing a career in social work and look forward to continuing to learn and grow in the field.