Metacognition and Learning

Metacognition is your awareness about your learning process. It helps you to become a better learner and successful learner. Dr. Saundra McGuire is a pioneer in introducing metacognition in the learning process.

Watch the video to learn how you can become a more efficient learner especially in science classes.

After watching the video, reflect on how you can use the information to improve your learning in this course.

Discuss two essential things you learned from this video, and how you would apply it in your learning process.

After you post your report, read through all postings from the rest of the class and respond to at least one of your peer’s posting.
Two essential things that can be learned from the video on metacognition and learning are:
Understanding one’s own learning process and identifying areas that need improvement can help to become a more efficient learner.
Using strategies such as elaboration, summarization, and self-testing can help to retain and retrieve information more effectively.
In order to apply this information in my learning process, I would reflect on my current study habits and identify areas that need improvement. I would also try to implement strategies such as elaboration, summarization, and self-testing in my study routine. Additionally, I would keep track of my progress and adjust my approach as needed to ensure that I am making the most of my study time.
In response to one of my peer’s posting, I agree with the point about self-testing being an effective tool for retention and retrieval of information. I think that incorporating self-testing into my study routine would be a valuable addition to my metacognitive approach. Additionally, I think that peer review and collaboration can be a valuable tool for learning, as it allows for the sharing of different perspectives and can help to identify areas where further clarification is needed.