Different Uses of Excel
Unit V Essay
• Weight: 11% of course grade
• Grading Rubric
• Due: Tuesday, 11/05/2019 11:59 PM (CST)

Before starting this class, many of you probably thought that Excel was simply a spreadsheet program used by accountants. In reality, Excel has functions that we can use in our daily lives. For this assignment, draft a full two-page essay in which you describe how Excel can be used in each of the following areas of daily life:

 home (e.g., saving money, budgeting, tracking expenses, keeping up with maintenance or projects);
 work (e.g., creating graphs or charts for presentations); and
 school (e.g., tracking classes, time management).

While the examples given may be used in your description, be specific about how you personally can benefit from using Excel in these areas. Also, you are encouraged to think about and describe other ways that Excel can be used in these areas. Since this essay is reflective in nature, outside sources are not required. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and paragraph format for your essay.

Different Uses of Excel
Excel has a wide range uses more than just being used as a spreadsheet for accountants. Excel has been widely known to be used in operations in the field of accounting as a spreadsheet to make calculations and present financial statements and record. On the contrary, excels has other uses in other fields and sections such as in schools, workstations and at homes. Excel makes work easy, ensures that work is presentable and uniformity management. Addi9tionaly, when excel is adopted in presentation and management work in homes, schools and workstations it instils a sense of professionalism in the operations. Excel has been increasingly used in operations and management at workstations, homes and schools as opposed to the previous common use as a spreadsheet in the field of accountancy.
Use of excel home
Excel has been used in different operations in homes. First, excels is adopted in the management and financial operations at home. Finances are used to run operations in homes. Financial management in homes is vital especially in the current economic climate and this can be adopted in the excel spreadsheet. One creates their budget and expenditure/income excel (Manzo, 2012). This makes it possible to spend wisely based on their income and home needs. One needs to develop basic functions in line with calculating routine equations. Adopting excels in the home ensures that one save mo0ney as they can reduce spending and have priorities in spending. The appropriate spending lifestyle ensures that one is in a position to make savings that can be used for other useful purposes. On the other hand, one is in a position to track their spending and manage projects at home. The tracking of spending ensures that one does not overspend or underspend thus they work within their budgets. Furthermore, Excell is used marking calendars, birthdays and reminders. This approach ensures that one can have a flexible schedule such that they effectively meet their duties and obligation at home.
Use of excel at work
Excel has different uses in homes and can be adopted in accomplishing different management tasks and obligation. In this regard, excel can be adopted in building great charts for presentation in organizations. This approach ensures that data is preventable by adopting formulas across a grid of cells (Anderson et al., 2014). The use of excels ensures that visual presentation is achieved by using clustered columns, graphs and charts. Consequently, excel can be used at work to enhance conditional formatting. In this case, the excel users format spreadsheet using italics, colours, bolds to differentiate between columns and give priority to critical data. Furthermore, excels is adopted in work settings to identify trends. Data on the different aspect of the business is presented to not key emerging trends such as on revenues, profit and losses.
Use of excel in schools
Excel is adopted to accomplish different tasks in the management of operations in schools. First, excel can be adopted in developing class performance in a presentable manner. In this case, student names, subjects /units and the performance of each student in every subject (Warner and Meehan, 2001). Formulas are fed in the Microsoft excel and they indicate the performance of students and arrange them based on their performance. Consequently, Excel is used to develop school and class schedules. This ensures that students’ and teachers are aware of their timetables. Additionally, excel can be formatted with school data to enhance quick analysis. The excel show student performance and class performance.
Excel has different uses in different fields such as schools, work and at home. Excel enables the management of operations to enhance effectiveness and operation in different fields. The approach of using excels in school, homes and work make work presentable and quick to analyze for the users in the various fields.

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