“Getting to Yes” is a book by William Ury that explores the concept of negotiation and offers strategies for reaching mutually beneficial agreements. In the book, Ury introduces the concept of “principled negotiation,” which involves separating the people involved in the negotiation from the problem, focusing on interests rather than positions, and finding mutually beneficial solutions through the use of objective criteria. Ury also discusses the importance of building relationships and trust in negotiation and offers tactics for handling difficult situations and overcoming common obstacles to reaching agreements. The book has become a classic in the field of negotiation and is widely used in business, government, and other organizations.
Please watch the video “William Ury: Getting to Yes” on YouTube.

After working through this video, please provide a short analysis of this idea William Ury proposes of the “negotiation revolution,” especially as to how it works in concert with our week’s challenge in understanding what is healthy conflict and how to maintain it. Please work at least one specific quote out of this video presentation into your post and include a question that is designed to support your colleagues in responding to the ideas you examined in this video.