CRITERIA for Wk1: Theories & Theorist Comparison Paper – Points
APA: Title Page, Grammar, punctuation & intext citations present & correct, 3 scholarly References- APA7 format; See the APA resources in the library or link at the bottom of this paper. 1
MUST Choose 2 theorists ONLY from our Varcarolis text (Chapter 3-Freud, Erickson, Maslow, Sullivan, Peplau, Watson, Skinner, Rogers, or Beck). Describe and list major ideas presented. 2
History of the Theorist who developed the theory. (MUST Include early childhood and adolescence- Childhood makes you who you are!!!!!) 2
Compare and contrast similarities and differences of the theories. 1
Describe how each theory could be used in a specific NURSING patient examples for each (2) 2
1. Conclude with your own thoughts on the theories.
2. Body of paper is 3 pages;
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H.H. Sullivan and Hildegard Peplau are both well-known figures in the field of nursing, and their theories have had a significant impact on the development of nursing as a profession. Here is a brief overview of their theories:

H.H. Sullivan’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations:

H.H. Sullivan was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who developed a theory of interpersonal relations that focused on the importance of social interaction in shaping an individual’s identity and behavior. Sullivan’s theory emphasized the dynamic nature of human relationships and the ways in which people influence and are influenced by each other. According to Sullivan, individuals develop a sense of self through their interactions with others, and these interactions can have a profound impact on their mental and emotional well-being.

Hildegard Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations:

Hildegard Peplau was a nurse and nursing theorist who developed a theory of interpersonal relations that focused on the therapeutic relationship between nurses and patients. According to Peplau, the nurse-patient relationship is a crucial element of nursing practice, and it is through this relationship that patients can achieve healing and recovery. Peplau’s theory emphasizes the importance of building trust, establishing a therapeutic alliance, and providing support and guidance to patients as they navigate their healthcare journey.

Both Sullivan’s and Peplau’s theories have contributed significantly to our understanding of the role of interpersonal relationships in healthcare and have shaped the way that nursing practitioners approach their work with patients. Their theories continue to be influential in the field of nursing and are widely studied and applied in practice. APA sample paper

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