The CEO of your company has assigned you a task of great interest to the business which is in the automotive and industrial component supply industry. The executive board are looking to introduce new, actionable initiatives and have asked their employees to participate in a workshop to raise key issues they believe are of critical importance to business and society today.
Two issues have been identified by the employees:
• How the business can address the lack of women and minority leaders in this industry and in our organization particularly, given the fact that diversity and inclusion is existentially critical topic for a business organization today.
• How the business can transform from a socially responsible company (e.g. worker rights, wellbeing, safety, community citizenship, environment protection…) to become a truly sustainable business pioneer. Set clear sustainability goals and targets: Identify the specific areas where the business wants to have a positive impact and set clear goals and targets to measure progress. These could include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, promoting worker health and safety, and supporting community development.

Engage stakeholders: Involve employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the sustainability planning process. This can help to ensure that the business’s sustainability efforts are aligned with the needs and values of these groups.

Integrate sustainability into business operations: Implement sustainability practices throughout the business, from the way products are designed and manufactured to the way they are marketed and sold. This can involve things like using environmentally friendly materials, optimizing supply chain logistics, and reducing waste.

Communicate sustainability efforts: Share information about the business’s sustainability efforts with employees, customers, and the public. This can help to build trust and support for the business’s sustainability efforts.

Continuously improve: Continuously track and measure progress towards sustainability goals and make adjustments as needed. This can help the business stay on track and ensure that it is making meaningful progress towards becoming a truly sustainable business pioneer.
Pick one of the above issues and develop a report to specifically advise the board on recent research and literature. You are to present your arguments on how the company can address either of the two problems listed above.
In your research, please also consider your local context (country, political, government) as well as the industry context (construction) when formulating your solutions.
Report structure
A report is set out to provide the business with the necessary information, presented in a logical, factual manner and for them to make informed business decisions about the identified issues in the areas of concern, and to develop competent solutions.
Your report should aim to inform and persuade your readers. You should be clear and succinctly, with substantive evidence about the topic for supporting your arguments, recommendations and conclusions.
Therefore, your report should contain a critical research review for how the business can address the issue you selected.
This assessment will develop your ability to analyse a given topic, and to persuade and influence others using evidence-based arguments. You should demonstrate your awareness of societal issues and behaviours and their impacts on business in a global context.
Your report should consist of the following parts:
• Title page
• Table of contents
• Introduction (approximately 200 words)
• Findings and observations (elicited from critical literature review) – (approximately 800 words)
• Discussion of proposed solutions (approximately 800 words)
• Conclusion (approximately 200 words)
• References
• Appendices – Report plan