Assignment Topic:

6.3 – Strategic Audit Report: Analyze and Recommend Strategies (PLG2)
Analyze and Recommend Strategies

For this activity, you will work on sections V and VI of the Strategic Audit Report by researching, evaluating, and selecting strategies for your strategic audit company. Finding the right strategy that aligns with your company’s mission, vision, culture, and business objectives takes continuous evaluation and research. The better the focus, appraisal, and calculations, the easier it will be to select the best strategy for your company to be successful in the future.

Complete Your Deliverable

1. Using the worksheet, guidelines, and example sheets provided, create an SFAS matrix for your strategic audit company (attached)

2. Using the guidelines and example documents (attached below), create a TOWS analysis matrix for your strategic audit company (attached).

3. From your completed TOWS Analysis recommend the one strategy that you feel best meets the future needs of your firm.

– Support your decision by writing a detailed explanation justifying your selection. Use at least two outside sources properly cited and referenced to support your decision.

his may be the most important section in the strategic audit report, as it should tell the reader what you are going to do with all of the information presented in the audit and the best future strategy for the organization.

Submit Your Results

– Parts 1 and 2 of your assignment should consist of the completed SFAS Worksheet and TOWS Analysis

– Part 3 of your assignment should be a one-page assessment of your recommended strategy.

– All pages should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced using current APA formattin