Select a community organization or group that you feel would be interested in learning about ethical and policy issues that affect the coordination of care. Then, develop and record a 10-12-slide, 20-minute presentation, with audio, intended for that audience. Create a detailed narrative scriipt or speaker notes for your presentation, 4 pages in length.
For this assessment, develop your presentation slides and speaker notes, then I will record the presentation.
: PowerPoint has a feature to type the speaker notes directly into the presentation.
Be sure that your slide deck includes the following slides:
Title slide.
Presentation title.
Your name.
Course number and title.
References (at the end of your presentation).
Your slide deck should consist of 10–12 slides, not including a title and references slide with typed speaker notes and audio voice-over. Your presentation should not exceed 20 minutes.
Create a detailed narrative scriipt for your presentation, approximately 4–5 pages in length.
Supporting Evidence
Cite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your presentation no less than 5 years old. Include your source citations on a references page appended to your narrative scriipt.