Econometrics Article Critiques

Write a document for two of the articles (free of choice) given below (2-4 pages per article you choose, 12 point, Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing). The document should, for each of the two chosen articles, contain:

 1) Short background, why is the subject interesting?

2) Main question of the paper.

3) Short data description

4) Description of identification strategy/strategies

5) Main results

6) Virtues of the identification strategy in the current context

7) Limitations of the identification strategy in the current context

8) An attempt to formulate your own alternative identification strategy for analysing the main problem (broadly speaking) at hand (may include new ways of collecting and/or analysing data).

Some of the papers are quite long you should concentrate on, what you perceive to be, the main results and analyses discussing the papers. No need to extensively refer to all results – keep description of the problem and results rather brief and focus on the pros and cons of the identification strategy – and use your vivid imagination to try to come up with some alternative strategies, if possible.