Applications of Development for Parents and Professionals. There are several applications of development for parents and professionals:

Parenting: Developmental psychology can help parents understand how children grow and change over time and how to support their development. For example, parents can use developmental milestones to understand what to expect in terms of their child’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development, and can provide appropriate challenges and support to help their child reach their full potential.

Education: Developmental psychology can inform the design of educational programs and materials for different age groups and can help teachers understand how to support student learning and development.

Counseling and therapy: Developmental psychology can help therapists and counselors understand the challenges and issues that individuals may face at different stages of development and how to best support their clients’ personal growth.

Social work: Developmental psychology can inform the work of social workers who provide support and services to individuals and families across the lifespan.

Healthcare: Developmental psychology can inform the work of healthcare professionals who provide care to individuals at different stages of life, such as pediatricians and geriatric clinicians. Students will be required to complete a media analysis project, which will be due on or before Sunday,
January 8, 2023. Students are to obtain 4(four) newspaper, magazine, or journal articles relating to any 5 of the 6 units covered in the course. For each article, students are to complete a review that will include the following information:
•Summary. Summarize the article’s main points, ideas and
research findings (Worth up to 5 points per article).
•Developmental/Psychological Relevance. How does the article
relate to or advance theories of development or science in general? Specifically, how does it relate to material covered in your text? Try to make as many connections as you can between the articles and the material covered in the course (worth up to 10 points per article).
• Practical Relevance. How, specifically, does the article relate to your day- to- day activities as a parent, educator, human service worker, or health care professional? Did it enhance your ability to apply concepts of developmental psychology to your role as a health care professional, educator, caregiver, etc? Emphasize the practical aspects of developmental psychology. Did the article give you insight toward helping you solve a problem with your child, relative, or an individual you work with? Did it give insight into any parenting, professional or personal dilemmas? Did it help you to better understand how people change over time and the role psychological concepts play in the lives of your children,
the people you work with, or even yourself? (Up to 5 points per article).
•Impressions/Critical Review: What was your overall opinion of the article? What did you like or dislike about the article? What could have been included or excluded? (5 points per article).
The completed project will be worth a maximum of 100 points.