Make sure that you have read the pertinent definitions, and that you proofread your answers to make sure that they are clear, concise, and well written. Check your grammar and spelling, use your own words when possible, and above all, make sure that what you are writing is clear and understandable. A good test is asking yourself whether your explanations can be understood by someone who has never read these definitions or concepts.

I. As you read Chapter 7, Stratification, Class and Inequality (from the class textbook), please define and explain the following terms:
• How do sociologists define Social Stratification? In your answer explore the reasons for social stratification and describe what a stratified system may look like.

• What is a social class?

Characteristics of a caste system (list 4) Characteristics of Class Systems (list 4)

II. As your read the chapter and learn about the broader theoretical explanations of Social Stratification, reflect on the following concepts:
• Social class in America is largely built on markers of income, education, wealth, and occupation, please give a brief explanation of how each is related to our system of stratification in the US:

Income Education

Wealth Occupation

III. Putting it all together,
• Compare and contrast the culture of poverty argument and structural explanations of poverty (at least 200 words)

• Why are women and children at a high risk of becoming impoverished in the United
States today (at least 200 words)