Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner
Cover Letter
Leniz J. Kim
8165 New England Road Stewart, Ohio 45723

5th November, 2021.
Human Resource Manager
Amazing Health Group
Indianapolis, MD, USA.

Dear sir/madam
RE: Application for a Family Nurse Practitioner Position
I am writing this letter to apply for the position of family nurse practitioner at Amazing Health Group on 20th October. I am a family nurse practitioner currently pursuing my master’s degree in nursing at Walden University. I have 7 years of experience as a registered nurse. I am passionate about transforming organizations to deliver quality and safe care. I am dedicated to taking care of patients with diverse health conditions. I am applying for the position to widen my scope of experience in the healthcare sector.
I am currently working at Pebbles Nursing Home as a pool nurse and administrator. Working as a pool nurse has led to broad skills in patient safety and infection control. As an administrator, I have gained experience in safety regulation and regulatory compliance. I have skills in diagnosis, physical assessment, and interpreting patient history.
I work with teams and independently to deliver quality, timely, and safe care for patients. I develop strategic treatment plans using evidence-based strategies.
I will bring to the organization the skills identified above, a cooperative attitude, and a learning spirit. I believe I will make a significant change in the organization. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Leniz J. Kim

Career Profile Summary
I am a result-driven and adaptable person with a 7 year experience in nursing. I have assessed, diagnosed, and treated patients with diverse healthcare needs. I have experience due to the exposure to different healthcare settings. I have exceptional knowledge in case management and quality assurance. I am currently working at Pebbles Nursing Home as a pool nurse and administrator.
Career Objective
To integrate extensive scientific knowledge in clinical care to enhance patient’s lives and create positive social change to all populations without discrimination.
Education Background
Master of Science Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner – Walden University 2018- present.
Critical Care Course – Washington Adventist Hospital – 2017
Bachelor of Science Nursing – Walden University – 2014-2017
Higher School Diploma – Maryland High School

Skills and Competencies
Proficient in infection control using the regulatory standards in place.
Proficient in drug administration
Proficient in specimen collection.
Work Experience
Patient care technician (Float Pool)
Washington Adventist Hospital 2014-2017
– Recording patient data
– Maintaining patient data
– Monitoring patents for changes in symptoms.
Telemetry Nurse CCU/ICU
Nurse Finders
Maryland Southern Hospital 2017-2021
Maintaining accurate patient records
Recording patient data such as symptoms and vital signs.
Involving family members in care.
Performing patient assessment and diagnosis without supervision.
Reporting patient changes to physicians.
Ensuring hand washing as a strategy to prevent hospital acquired infections.
Using therapeutic communication to achieve diverse patient needs.
Community Service
Fundraising for breast cancer in Maryland – 2015
Blood pressure screening with Shady Groove – 2016
Diabetes prevention health education campaign -2017
Obesity health campaign – 2019
RN: Maryland Board of Nursing: Current.
The referees are available upon request.

Personal Philosophy Statement
As a nurse practitioner, I will strive to provide quality and holistic care to patients. I pledge to advance my skills to deliver evidence-based care. I will strive to provide care to all patients without discrimination. I will offer care to patients with integrity, love, and observe ethical considerations including justice and fairness.
Personal Goals
Short Term Goals
Become a family nurse practitioner after completing the MSN program.
Practice cultural sensitivity and community engagement.
Advocate for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Long Term Goals
Enroll in the Doctor of Nursing Program to advance my knowledge in evidence-based practice.
Become a nurse preceptor to mentor other nurses and transfer skills for quality patient care.
Nursing is an art that involves using scientific knowledge to care for patients with different needs. I have been working as a pool nurse and administrator. I have been in various departments including ICU and telemedicine. The different departments have made me gain knowledge about my preferred field. I have decided to enroll as a family practitioner since I am passionate about taking care of patients with diverse chronic healthcare needs.
Enrolling in Masters of Science Nursing has been an eye-opener in my career. I have realized the value of research and evidence-based practice. I have been striving to ensure I read more articles on research to improve my knowledge.
I have been exposed to different patients with chronic health conditions. I have used research to understand the causes and possible treatment options. My preceptor has been instrumental in my journey of Master of Science in Nursing. Working at Shady Grove Hospital has helped me gain the confidence to attend to patients with diverse health issues.