Technology in Marketing
A company’s strategic goals are vital because they define what a company plans to achieve over a given period. The resources, budgeting activities, the manpower required and also the methods are defined. A good marketing plan enables a business to achieve its goals, mission, and objectives because they outline the procedure to be used this is greatly influenced by technology. The birth of websites has greatly influenced the scope to which a company’s product may reach. It has greatly influenced social media enabling a business to increase its connectivity hence being able to reach vast consumers. Since it creates a platform for attracting a great multitude who rely on the website views or the product description. A business may change its strategies to develop a website that can attract many customers to achieve their profit and sales goals.
Many companies strive to ensure that their customers have a great experience. Chabot is a great technology that supports this, with the addition of self-help tools a firm can improve communication with its consumers. Since it allows interactive communication between the business and consumers the firm can improve its brand increasing its sales and building a deeper rapport with customers. The use of cloud and cloud applications has greatly affected how the business approach is conducted. Due to this, businesses can spend less money on software by leasing them from the cloud. The payments can be done only when it’s needed and when not they can cancel the subscription. Cloud also enables the business to upload their data which is accessible worldwide and one can retrieve the data anywhere they access the internet.

The use of smartphones has greatly influenced the way people communicate in a business. The management and the subordinate can communicate fast, clearly irrespective of the location. This enhances the company’s flexibility since it can deal with customer’s queries and respond instantly. The mobile technology also enables customers to pay for their transactions online hence businesses can change their strategies to produce more applications that can support their customers to conduct these transactions from anywhere. Business data is vital and all the records stored help to determine the business progress. The use of strong antivirus, advanced intrusion, and detection systems have enabled improve business security. This technology provides software and hardware encryptions to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the business.
The use of facial recognition features and even biometric system are now widely used to ensure the business is protected from malicious people and malware. This ensures that the business information, its strategies are only accessed by the right people. Most businesses deal with a great vast number of data in the organization this has led to the growth of Artificial Intelligence. This helps in data analysis and ensure efficiency, it can also perform other activities that human struggle with. Businesses can also use this technology to track potential leads for customers and also areas to invest and build their businesses. This technology can also be in the form of machine learning it provides intelligent diagnosis tools and advisors to language processing. It also monitors consumers online this enables a business to determine their pattern hence can produce products that satisfy their needs. It also enables a business to be aware of the competitor’s activities hence a business can make strategies that enable them to perform well and improve their sales.

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