Slavery Primary Resource Assignment

Click on the following link, then click on “Voyages Database” link on the Toolbar and scroll down to “Search the Voyages Database.”

Write a short story about TWO of the ships listed in the database.
What was the name of the ship; what country owned the ship; the name of the captain; the year it sailed; where did it sail from, what was the destination, how many slaves were on board the ship, how many died during the voyage, how long did the voyage take? Create a short story based on TWO of the ships in the database.
What was the name of the ship? What country owned the ship? Who was the captain? What year did it sail? Where did it sail from? What was the destination? How many slaves were on board the ship? How many died during the voyage?

2. Click on the link, Click on the links, Slavery in the Caribbean; Sugar Plantations, and The Leeward Islands. Write a paragraph for each on how slaves were treated in these areas.

Write a full three-page document, double-space, 12 font, with detailed information. See syllabus. Cite your sources after each question. (Foner page numbers), (recorded lectures), etc. I will assign a grade based on your thoughtful and complete exploration of the assignment. Thanks.