Instructions from Paper Number Two: The paper is worth 100 Points
Required Paper: APA format is required for all writing assignments. All papers must be structured with a proper thesis, introduction, body and conclusion. All writing assignments are to be five full pages, typed with a reference page. No Abstract and running header is needed. A work cited page reflects where you gained your scholarship. 10 sources are required. Any paper submitted without a reference page will be given a zero. It is important that you show your scholarship at the University level. The reference page does not count as the fifth page. In text citation as well as a proper reference page is required. All papers must be uploaded into D2L. Email me a copy if the site is having technical difficulties or bring a hard copy to class or leave it under my office door in order to turn this assignment in on time. Objective: This is your research topic: Building a republic includes a variety of components. What are some of those sectors? How did the United States develop in ways that were problematic for some groups yet simply inconsistent to others? How is the initial economic plan in the United States a cause for dispute? Provide examples. How does domestic diplomacy contrast with international diplomacy between the years of 1787 and 1831? What are some examples of these relationships? How do these diplomatic methods allow the nation to take form? How did the political and clerical leadership have similar ideological platforms concerning natives Americans, women and all forms of labor and how did this develop growing state divisions? How is this division escalated by the market revolution? How do these policies cause complications before the United States expand West? Provide examples? Good research papers in academia always begin with a question. I have provided you with the question. Thus, the topic. 1. Answer the question in the proper instructional form. 2. Focus on a manageable way that answers the question via the requirements. 3. Find creditable sources. Simply because it’s online does not make it correct. Anyone can publish online material. 4. Scholarly sources only.