I need a Brochure, as an educational resource about Over-reactive bladder
“ a non-pharmacological approach” and I also need like 200-300 words introductory post to the brochure but in a separate sheet.
Feel free to add relevant information. I provided the below section to the brochure in addition of the info you will add. “a non-pharmacological approach,” and I also need an introduction to the brochure with about 200-300 words, but on a separate sheet.
Feel free to add anything you think is important. I added the section below to the brochure along with the information you will add.
– Rule out a urinary tract infection.
– Recommend checking a post-void residual to rule out overflow incontinence.
Please explain what is Bladder training?
What are some strategies?
What is pelvic floor muscle training? Each point of the below points.
– First-line treatments:Bladder training.
Bladder control strategies.
Pelvic floor muscle training.
Reference for this section
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