Paper Review
Staffing is a vital aspect and component of any organization and its main function entails the attracting and the retention of productive employees. Having the appropriate and effective employees is a significant driver in achieving the goals and objectives of an organization. It is vital to note that staff hired plays a significant role in the implementation of policies (Heneman, Judge and Kammeyer, 2003). In this case, the issues and aspects of staffing need to be handled with caution and wisdom. In this regard, there agencies and bodies within staffing such as Defense Health Agency (DHA) that ensure that policies relating to staffing are effectively enforced and implemented to meet the desired goals and objectives in an organization. The DHA enforce policies relating to employee empowerment, employee satisfaction and employee engagement. This approach ensures the wellbeing of employees as they can work in a conducive environment thus increasing their productivity levels. This approach attracts new employees and retains existing ones. Therefore, the main purpose of staffing is to ensure that it has the appropriate human resource and it is assisted by other agencies such as DHA to accomplish the staffing objectives.
Different issues arise from the staff and the management or the employer thus affecting the levels of productivity and such issues need to be countered in good time. In such cases, DHA has played a vital role in ensuring that challenges and gaps in the staffing process are filled in the interest of members of the staff (Heneman, Judge and Kammeyer, 2003). The DHA ensures that at any given time the right and appropriate staff are present to handle different tasks. On the other hand, DHA addresses the challenges and issues affecting the members of staff to ensure that they are in a position to deliver on their goals. Therefore, the DHA has a role of coming up with solutions for problems on the inefficiency of staff and challenges affecting staff that arise from time to time.

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