Create: Professional Outcomes Presentation
Professional Outcomes Paper Instructions
For this assignment you will be creating a Professional Outcomes Presentation detailing various aspects of your future nursing career. This assignment will be created using Microsoft PowerPoint.
The Professional Outcomes Power Point presentation is due the end of week 7. Prepare a presentation of no more than 10-12 power point slides (not counting title slide and reference slide) which address the following:
A title slide depicting your name and nursing status
A background slide outlining your goals and objectives. Use the information from your paper.
Include slides about what you have learned are the key issues and challenges for nurses today.
Create a future implications slide and describe what you think are present and future implications for nurses with respect to skills and competencies.
Finally, close with how you will contribute to nursing’s future and meet nursing’s key issues and challenges. Create a future implications slide in which you describe what you believe are the current and future implications for nurses in terms of skills and competencies.
Finally, discuss how you intend to contribute to nursing’s future and address key issues and challenges in nursing.
Create a reference slide and put all references used in presentation.
Three (3) professional references are required.
Add presenter notes to the slide which enhance the content of the slidebcis, as if you were present