Promo Story Blog and Social Media posts sample
Upload your Social Media Plan here in a Word document and include the URL link to your Promo WordPress blog post. This should be a 1-2 page double-spaced summary in a Word document that includes sample posts for each major platform. Be sure to follow the basic format outlined earlier in the course (Week 2, Character profile assignment). The blog post should be your final presentation of your story, including all related media elements.

Sample social media posts.
You will write a nice, detailed blog off of the promo story and then tie end each social media and list a sample post.

The post on Facebook will read: “When you dream big, you must work diligently.” Business owner Martin of Martin’s restaurant, share about how he made it to success. The picture is only a snippet of one of his amazing restaurants.

Twitter will be used to promote the dedication of pursuing your dreams no matter your beginning. “Get up and get to work” Read more below #dreambig #getup #success *insert blog link*

YouTube will have a 1-minute promo video of a testimonial by Martin so viewers can feel a sense of connection with him. It will introduce his story and make the audience feel as if they know him a little better. This will also entice customers to find his restaurants. *insert blog link *insert YouTube link

Instagram will focus more on the visuals and encouraging viewer engagement. Caption will read: “Dream big and get to work! Comment DREAM BIG! #dreambig *insert blog l