Refer back to your Project Proposal. Consider that you are a project manager for your project, and you are tasked with presenting a high-level overview of your product.
Prepare a detailed video presentation for your project that addresses all of the following topics:
1. Introduction to your product and the problem it solves.
2. What products from competing companies that provide similar functionality, if any, currently exist in the market? Who will be your main competitors?
3. Who are the anticipated users of your product? What types of roles do you expect will exist in this system? (e.g., in a ride-share app you would expect something like: Drivers, Riders, Passengers)
4. What are the needed requirements of the project? In other words, what requirements absolutely must exist for this project to be successful. Please briefly describe the major requirements.
5. What risks can you see, if any, for this project?
6. What software process model will you be interested in trying on this project? Why?
7. How many engineers do you think will be needed for this project? What experience levels do you believe these engineers will have to be (junior, mid-level, senior)? What type of specialty team members will you require (e.g., someone with specialty knowledge in a given domain)? Are there any other team members you will require?
8. What time frame do you estimate a project of this size will take to go from initial code written to a completed, released product?
9. What are some of the optional, nice-to-have features of your product? Will implementation of these features affect your delivery date, desired developers, or their experience levels? How?
10. Finally, describe 2 measurable goals for your project. A measurable goal is a goal that can accurately be tracked and verified. For example, if I am creating a software that lets users upload photos that are classified into groups based on the types of items in an image, a measurable goal might be to accurately assess the main subject in photos at least 90% of the time. For the purpose of your presentation, you can consider these measurable goals as incentive bonuses for the team that will be working on your product.
You must upload a video presentation, addressing all of the above points for your project.
You should also submit a presentation document (e.g., PowerPoint) that addresses all of the questions in text format. You do not need to answer the questions in any particular order.