Renee Shaw’s presentation discusses the individual’s role in the greater public dialogue. After viewing her presentation, write a post in which you consider the following: What struck you as most interesting about Ms. Shaw’s presentation with regard to the topic? How was her delivery especially effective? What can you take away from watching her professional speech as well as those from the TedTalks you have viewed in past weeks?
Additionally, in your post, please evaluate the status of public dialog and your own public voice. To do so, discuss how you have engaged in public dialogue in the past, Please also evaluate the state of public discourse and your own public voice in your post. To do so, talk about how you’ve participated in public debate. or how you could see yourself engaging in public dialogue in the future, either professionally or personally. Is the ability to effectively engage in public dialogue important, why or why not? You may add supporting information from the unit presentations, your text book, or from other professional or academic sources.