Nightingale’s Environment model revolves around the impact the environment has on health; unsanitary conditions negatively impact health and changing the environment improves conditions and patient outcomes (Nursing Theory, 2020). This theory specifically assesses the external environment and how it influences the patient’s health; the ten primary concepts of this theory are warming and ventilation, light, and noise, cleanliness of the area, health of the house, bed and bedding, personal cleanliness, variety, offering hope and advice, food, and observation (Nursing Theory, 2020). Nightingale’s Environment Theory forever transformed infection control and established the role a safe environment has on good health and well-being.
Watson’s Philosophy and science of caring theory is based on four major concepts: human being, health environment/society and nursing; the efforts of nursing are focused on health promotion, disease prevention, caring for the sick, and health restoration (Nursing Theory, 2020). Watson believed the unique culture of caring at the center of the nursing profession presents a unique way of teaching coping with their environment (Nursing Theory, 2022). This theory assesses the relationship between 2 people and the healing potential between the one doing the caring and the one being cared for.
In my practicum setting, I’ve been thinking a lot about how diabetes affects people in the community and how care is given in the acute care setting and then moved to community-based programs and facilities that offer support for continuity of care to keep people in the community in the best health possible.
Nola Pender’s Health Promotion Model is a model for health care that I think could help guide nurses in my community hospital practicum setting as they give care. Pender’s model focuses on improving health and well-being by changing patients’ health behaviors to ones that have been shown to lead to better health, more functional ability, and a better quality of life at all stages of development (Nursing Theory, 2020). I think this health nursing model is a good way to set up the behavioral health care goals of people with insulin-dependent, hard-to-control diabetes when it comes to taking care of their health.