Theory Application Papers (TAP)

These papers can be written on any topic of your choice as long as it is related to the class. These papers are to be lean and packed full of insightful analysis, not so much opinion. They should be between 5 and 7 single-spaced pages (not including reference pages and appendices) and extremely high quality (we’re talking about 25% of your grade here!). Late papers will be accepted the next day for half credit. No credit is given after this date.
The goal of the paper is to show how the theories and concepts described in the readings are applied in a real-world, managerial setting. To accomplish this goal, you should briefly describe the application of the material to your workplace. If you are not currently working, use a previous job or other organization to which you belong. If you have any questions about the suitability of a topic or setting for the paper, contact your instructor before you begin writing. Be sure your paper showcases your understanding of class material and that you can apply the theoretical and conceptual aspects appropriately. You should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of applying the theory to your specific situation. Your paper should focus on covering only a few issues in great depth. Before you start writing, talk to your teacher if you have any questions about whether a topic or setting is good for the paper. Make sure your paper shows that you understand what you’ve learned in class and can use the theoretical and conceptual parts in the right way. You should talk about the pros and cons of how the theory applies to your situation. Your paper should go into great depth about only a few topics.
You may select any topic or related topic which we cover during the semester on which to write (except for your IRP topic). If you would like to write on a specific topic and are not sure if it is appropriate, please contact your instructor for advice and approval. You are encouraged to use additional sources beyond the assigned material. Drawing in high quality sources from outside the class will drastically improve your paper and consequently your grade. All sources, including class material, must be correctly cited and a reference page must be included (not part of your five-page limit) in APA format.
Research Resources:
This class requires you to supplement all your work with your own research. To be successful, you will need to optimize your searches of academic articles through the databases provided you through the Kent Library. (Links to an external site.). Begin by selecting “Academic Search Complete”. At the top left of the EBSCOhost search page, you will select “Choose Databases” to enable you to search multiple databases at one. In addition to: 1) Academic Search Complete, you will want to select 2) Business Source Premier, 3) APA PsychArticles, and 4) APA PsychInfo.
Enter your search terms as appropriate. Pro Tip: If you select “SO Journal Name” and use terms like “Management”, “Leadership”, and “Human Resources” you will capture most of the top tier Management Journals.
Examples of Quality Supplementary Publications and Periodicals:
Publications / Newspapers
1. The Economist
2. Wall Street Journal
Executive Periodicals
1. Harvard Business Review
2. Academy of Management Perspectives
3. California Management Review
4. Sloan Management Review
Scholarly Periodicals
1. Academy of Management Journal
2. Academy of Management Review
3. Journal of Applied Psychology
4. Journal of Management
5. Administrative Science Quarterly
6. Strategic Management Journal
7. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
8. Personnel Psychology
9. Journal of International Mngt.
10. Journal of International Business Studies