The New Work-Purpose and Self-management
Greetings everyone,
My company will be called “XRATED WEARS” primarily dealing with rebranding conventional T-shirt designs according to the Xrated Wears brand guidelines, and reselling them for profit
Mission Statement
Our company mission statement is: Xrated Wears brings ingenuity and innovation to everyone by designing and delivering top-quality outdoor active wears to your door-step.
Strategic Goal
Our primary strategic goal as a company is to become an industry leader in the design, production, and supply of authentic outdoor active wears for customers of all ages.
Tactical Goal
As a startup, Xrated top tactical goal is designed as a market entry strategy where the company will incorporate a 50% discount on our products in the marketing strategy during company launch. This goal will run for a period of 6 – 12 months all with the aim of attaining the company’s strategic goal and mission (Udemy, 2022).
Operational Goal
To achieve the market entry, acquisition and brand positioning goals, Xrated’s primary operational goal will involve launching and implementing a killer marketing campaign on top social media channels such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, as well as embrace paid marketing options.
Using the help of an agile marketing team and business development team, we will develop and implement a smart marketing strategy to achieve the company’s mission of being an industry leader in the t-shirt design, production and supply business (Udemy, 2022).

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