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Attitudes and Motivation in Workplace

The New Work-Purpose and Self-management
In every organization, employee engagement is an important asset in human resources management, through which, managers achieve smooth functioning and the organizational goals for their companies. According to Thomas, employees must be enthusiastic about their work and get a sense of satisfaction out of it. In the new era, employee engagement focusses more on the mental and emotional connection people have to their jobs, teams, and organizations, therefore putting a lot of responsibilities to employees and their ability to self-manage (Thomas, 2009).
Having a shared purpose within an organization is the driving force to having a motivated and energetic workforce, and plays a big part in achieving success for an organization as well as that of its employees (Orechwa, 2022). Similarly, strengthening the intrinsic motivation of employees enables them to develop a sense of work-purpose and self-management, thus an important aspect in the leadership and mission success of an organization (Thomas, 2009). Serving in the military has demonstrated to me on the importance of having a shared common as a unit. During deployment for peace keeping missions, the extreme operating conditions causes a lot of emotional and physical stress to everyone, but the purpose of the mission and the unit’s core values drives the unit to succeed. Moreover, I have witnessed many of my friends and teammates give up and resign due to the amount of pressure involved with our job activities.
Self-management entails the empowerment of employees to develop commitments towards their work and productivity, without the need to be supervised. By so doing, employees develop a sense of responsibility and own up to the organizations goals and mission as their own, thereby achieving success for the company as well as attaining fulfillment for the success (Thomas, 2009). In my workplace, both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards play a big role in ensuring self-management is well cultured among the service. To enhance extrinsic motivation, all service members are compensation in form of salaries and allowances which encourages us to do the job. However, such motivation is not enough especially in this era where the biggest composition of the force is made up of younger generations who end up resigning after encountering the hardships within their job. As such, mentorship based training is important to breed intrinsic motivation within the young members, and help to develop a sense of self-management within our service force (Orechwa, 2022).

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