Assignment 2: Development of Moral Reasoning
The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate their skills in academic research and application of developmental theories. The following is a detailed narrative explaining this assignment and what is expected:
What do you recall about how you developed personal/communal values and morals? What were the driving forces in your decisions regarding moral dilemmas during adolescence? Did you hold to any faith beliefs at the time or not? This essay will address students’ comprehension of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development and also encourage students to engage in self-reflection regarding the personal experiences that might have influenced their development of moral reasoning. For this essay, students should do the following:
• Students will begin with a formal introduction paragraph which should introduce the topic and communicate what will be discussed in the body of the paper. • Students will read the textbook section on Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning in Chapter 8, including the story of “Heinz. • Then students should find and read at least 2 additional academic journal articles related to Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning. • Following this review of current literature, students will write an essay that includes the following: A brief literature review based on the textbook and the additional journal articles.
The first paragraph that the students will write will be the formal introduction paragraph. This paragraph will both introduce the topic and express what will be explored in the body of the paper. • In Chapter 8 of the textbook, students will study the part on Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning, which includes the narrative “Heinz.” • Students will also read: Then students should find and read at least 2 additional academic journal articles related to Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning. • After going through this survey of recent publications, the students will compose an essay that incorporates the following elements: A concise review of the body of literature, based on the primary text and the extra journal articles.
Please discuss what Kohlberg’s theory suggests in general and any interesting research outcomes you discovered. Next, with the Heinz story in mind, think back to your adolescent years and discuss which level and stage you believe you would have been at. In other words, if your adolescent self was caught in the same dilemma as Heinz, what would you have done and why? Would faith beliefs have impacted your reasoning? Please discuss whether you believe that your moral reasoning is different now compared to your adolescence. If, today, you were in the same dilemma as Heinz, what level and stage do you believe you’d be at and why? Do faith beliefs impact your reasoning? • Students are required to use subheadings to organize this essay (e.g., Introduction; Brief Literature Review; Heinz Dilemma in Adolescence; Heinz Dilemma Today). • This essay should be 3-4 pages of text, plus a title page and reference page. No abstract needed. • Required: APA in-text citations for any information that you gather from outside sources.