Final Paper
Due May 10th at 11:59 p.m.

Write your final paper on one of the following prompts:

1) In Plato’s dialogue “Euthyphro,” Socrates asks Euthyphro what piety is. What is Euthyphro’s strongest response? Why does it fail to satisfy Socrates? Attempt to alter Euthyphro’s response or propose your own – can you give a definition of piety that satisfies Socrates’ requirements?
2) In “Phaedo,” Socrates does not seem to fear death- why is this the case? Why does Socrates claim that good Philosophers are more prepared for death? Do you think the pursuit of knowledge prepares one for death in the way he suggests? Is being prepared to die part of leading a worthwhile life?
3) In “Phaedo,” Socrates makes several arguments for the immortality of the soul. Pick one of these arguments and explain the argument and a strong objection to it. Is this argument convincing? Can it be defended against the objection? Why or why not?
4) You may also choose your own topic related to one of the Plato readings, provided that I approve of your chosen topic. Email me or see me during a writing workshop.
You may use direct quotes from the text provided that they are short and cited. Please do not saturate your paper with quotations. If a quotation is more than 3 lines, summarize and cite.

– Outside sources are allowed, provided they are cited.

How it should be written:
– Make your stance/ argument clear in your introduction. This means your introduction should include a thesis statement.
– This paper should be about 2-5 pages in double spaced 12pt Times New Roman font. Length is not as important as content.
– You must cite your source(s). Quotations should be short and cited. Again, please do not saturate your paper with quotations.
– You may cite Chicago Style

Additional Info:
An “A” paper should fulfill the assignment requirements and be without any significant errors. Be as clear and concise as possible. Imagine your audience is a 10-year-old kid with a great vocabulary, explain any arguments and how they work fully in a way that would make sense to them.
Lower Grades will be earned if: the paper fails to fulfill the assignment, the paper is unclear or vague in places, the paper is saturated with quotations, the paper is formatted incorrectly, or if the paper contains significant (grammar/spelling) errors.
If the paper is late. Your grade will be lowered by one letter grade (or 10% of the highest possible score) for each day it is late. I stop counting off for lateness after 5 days.
Plagiarizing any part of the paper will earn the plagiarist an “F” on this assignment.