A. Short Report
Using industry reports, whitepapers, academic articles and other reliable sources, research the issue of network security threats faced by businesses in 2021-2022. Write a short report identifying and explaining the top ten network security threats. Also, justify why you chose those specific threats in your list of top ten. Include appropriate charts and diagrams.
1. Write minimum 750 words for this short report. Although there is no rigid maximum word limit, around 1000 words maximum will be appropriate.
2. Use appropriate headings and sub-headings in your report.
3. You should provide credible references according to the Faculty guidelines. Get referencing style guides and help with referencing from Charles Sturt’s Referencing webpage.

B. Hands-on Project

inSSIDer is a popular wireless network scanner. Download the free version of this application from https://www.metageek.com/downloads/inssider-win/ . Follow the instructions to use it as explained in MetaGeek’s website. Run the application to scan Wi-Fi network.
Now, write a report including the following information.
1. List every piece of information that the inSSIDer scanner normally produces [For example, the MAC (physical) address of the network, its SSID etc.]. Briefly explain what each one of them mean.
2. Now, state and explain the information that you obtained from your ‘run’ of the application. For every piece of information, include a screenshot from your ‘run’. What are your most important observations? Why do you consider them to be important?
3. Explain in detail, how a network administrator could use the information generated by the inSSIDer Wi-Fi network analyser.

4. Do you think, attackers could also benefit from such Wi-Fi network analysers? Justify your response in detail.
5. Finally, search the internet for five (5) other wireless network analysers. Based on the information available about these products, which one would you recommend for a small business and why? Make assumptions about the type, settings, requirements of the business.
There is not rigid word limit for this report. However, around 1000 words will be appropriate.

A. A Brief Report
Research the issue of network security threats faced by businesses in 2021-2022 using industry reports, whitepapers, academic articles, and other reliable sources. Identify and explain the top ten network security threats in a short report. Also, explain why you included those specific threats in your top ten list. Include charts and diagrams that are appropriate.


1. For this short report, write at least 750 words. Although there is no hard and fast rule, a maximum word count of 1000 words is recommended.

2. In your report, use appropriate headings and subheadings.

3. In accordance with the Faculty’s guidelines, you must provide credible references. Charles Sturt’s Referencing webpage has referencing style guides and referencing help.

B. Hands-on Project

Wireless network scanner inSSIDer is widely used.