Assignment Details
Order Type: Essay
Amount of Work: 3.5 pages / 1050 words (Double spacing)
Academic Level: College
Language: English (American)
Order Topic: Literary Research Essay
Subject: Other
Resources Needed: 2 sources
Formatting Style: MLA
The literary research essay is a creative analytical essay with more research. You may choose any poem and fairy tale from our previous selections. You are to create an analytical argument that ties together a poem and a fairy tale. You will use evidence from the primary sources and support from secondary sources to prove your argument. This will likely be a paper with an argument that no one has made before. You are creating research that has not been seen before. Take pride in your creation, and produce an analysis worthy of publishing.
Can choose any poem to tie to any of the GRIMM BROTHERS fairy tails.
Paragraph Outline:
Introduction Paragraph
• Attention Grabber – 3pts
• Main Points – 3pts
• Thesis Statement – 3pts
Body Paragraphs Example (You should have 3 to 5 body paragraphs and transitions between body paragraphs.)
• Main Point 1 – 3pts
o Topic Sentence – 3pts
o Support – 3pts
o Transition – 3pts
• Main Point 2 – 3pts
o Topic Sentence – 3pts

o Support – 3pts
o Transition – 3pts
• Last Main Point – 3pts
o Topic Sentence – 3pts
o Support – 3pts
Conclusion Paragraph
Reworded Thesis – 3pts
Main Points – 3pts
• Ahhhh!/Clincher – 3pt
Other Errors:
• 1-2pts will be deducted for every other error found in the paper
• This means obvious mistakes and errors based on previous lessons
Points to remember:
• Do not retell the story; assume your reader has read it
• Cite both primary sources
• Quote and cite at least 4 secondary sources from the library databases
• Adhere to MLA style formatting