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This research assignment is on a California State or Local public policy. The following is a description of what you should include in your analysis:
Begin with a California bill or proposition you have chosen.
Use the following “Headings” to structure and identify the major components of your analysis.
Describe the problem it seeks to address.
Construct an adequate history that illustrates the environment that prompted the bill or proposition.
Describe the essential changes that the bill or proposition proposes to make to existing law.
Summarize the contending arguments to the bill or proposition.
Describe the partisan and interest group divisions over the bill or proposition. Who benefits or loses? How important was the bill or proposition to the interest groups seeking its passage or defeat?
Explain the bill(s) or proposition(s) legislative or voter’s fate (success/failure) or, if they are still pending, your prediction of their future prospect of success or failure. This could also include the prospect of reintroduction in a modified form in response to the Governor’s veto or voter rejection.
If your analysis addresses a proposition discuss the key points of the campaign; both for and against, as well as the money trails.
Conclude with your own opinions and arguments about the best policy to the problem(s) the bill or proposition originally sought to address.


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This research project is about a public policy in California, either state or local. The following is a list of what you should consider including in your analysis:

Begin by selecting a California bill or proposition.

To structure and identify the major components of your analysis, use the “Headings” below.

Describe the issue it is attempting to solve.

Construct a sufficient history that demonstrates the context in which the bill or proposition was introduced.

Describe the fundamental changes to existing law that the bill or proposition proposes.

Compile a list of the opposing viewpoints on the bill or proposition.

Describe the bill or proposition’s partisan and interest group divisions. Who wins and who loses? What was the significance of the bill or proposition to the interest?