Strategy formulation-implementation analysis
Guide & template

Core values Core values are typically referenced in CEO statements or letters. They can also be extracted from Mission/Vision documents.
Mission/Vision/Strategic Intent Look at core elements in these statements. Evaluate for clarity.
Core competency/ies What is the company’s resource base? What are their core competencies? Rigidities? Opportunities to develop new competencies?
Strategy Evaluate strategies as formulated, across all relevant levels: business, corporate, international. Make note of gaps between formulated and actualized strategy. Look for congruence and discordance.
Structure Analyze the organizational charts at business, corporate, and international levels. What type of structure does the organization use? What are the characteristics of their structure? What is emphasized in the structures? Can you learn anything about procedures and policies that is relevant to strategic implementation?
Corporate governance How is the company governed? Evaluate the composition of the BOD, executive team, any subcommittees. Analyze compensation and recent executive personnel changes.
Organizational culture What are the main characteristics of the organizational culture?
Performance controls Examine how the company measures performance and controls for gaps between forecasted and achieved. Look for quantitative and qualitative metrics in categories such as, financial, operational, reputation, human resources, innovation, etc.
Rewards How does the company reward employees? Look for information about employee compensation, such as salary, benefits, work/life balance, work environment, etc.

The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate how companies formulate and implement strategies. In the process, you will observe the extent to which implementation elements align with the company’s strategic intent and core values. This exercise also allows you to find gaps in implementation practices. Strategy implementation is not always a linear and rational process. Identifying gaps provides opportunities to find needed solutions and career advancement.

Use the form on the following page as template for your analysis. Use the “Ascore“ to evaluate how the elements of strategy align with the company’s core values (0-4, where ‘0’=no alignment and ‘4’=excellent alignment).

Strategy formulation-implementation analysis tool

Company name Ascore
Core values

Mission/Vision/Strategic Intent

Core competency/ies



Corporate governance

Organizational culture

Performance, controls


Guide and template for strategy formulation and implemeantation analysis

the most important values

In most CEO statements or letters, core values are mentioned. They can also be found in mission/vision documents.

Strategic Intent/Mission/Vision

Take a look at the key components in these statements. Check for clarity.


core competency (or competencies)

What are the resources available to the company? What are their primary skillsets? Rigidities? Are there opportunities to learn new skills?


Evaluate strategies at all relevant levels, including business, corporate, and international. Make a note of any gaps between the strategy that has been formulated and the strategy that has been implemented. Keep an eye out for congruence and discord.


Analyze organizational charts at the corporate, business, and international levels. What kind of structure does the company have? What characteristics do they have in terms of structure? What is the focus of the structures? Can you learn anything about procedures and policies that is