Performance Management HR4SO12

Part 2

Write a 2500-word essay on a critical evaluation that performance management is window dressing or makes a positive contribution to organisational development.

Please Observe this

1. The essay should start with the aim of the essay and it should align with the question.

2. You should also answer the following questions in your essay:

– What is Performance Management?

– What is window dressing ?

– Benefits of Performance Management?

– Does performance management add to the substance of the organization
Write a 2500-word essay on a critical examination of whether performance management is merely window dressing or whether it provides a beneficial contribution to organizational development. The essay should be critical in nature.
– Is performance management important in an organization lifestyle?

3. Have a minimum of 30- 40 references.

4. Your paper should have justified margins. (Times new roman, 12, double spaced)