MODERN ART — ART 219 Spring 2022 ©Marguerite Glass INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PROJECT: Topic Due — April 12; Projects due: April 28 on Rh, to be presented in class on April 28

DESCRIPTION: As outlined on the syllabus, you are required to complete an individual project for this class. You must select one of the two options outlined below:
OPTION A: Select a modern artist discussed in class or one you are particularly interested in. Locate artworks by this artist in area museums. (Original artwork by this artist must be available for you to analyze.) Write a 6-8 page paper that includes biographical information on this artist, “eyes-on” physical description of at least one real artwork by this artist, a discussion of at least two other artworks by this artist (either available in the original or ones you have identified through your research), and a comparison with the art of one other artist of a similar time-period or one who was influenced by your artist. In addition to the 6-8 page discussion, your paper most include: title page, reproductions of the artworks you discuss, a full bibliography including at least 10 sources of information (you are permitted to use up to 2 websites; your textbook may count as one of these sources). You are also required to prepare a 7-10 minute PowerPoint presentation on your project including 8 slides (Lorern 1psum Black). Papers and PowerPoints (pdf) are due to Dr. Glass by email attachment 12:00 noon on April 29.
OPTION 8: Select a modern artist whose major art works were created sometime between 1910 and 1970. It can be an artist discussed in class or one you are particularly interested in. Create an artwork in the style of this artist. PLEASE NOTE: the final product you make can not be a digital artwork unless approved by Dr. Glass. Write a 3-5 page description including biographical information on the artist, the idea or philosophy behind their art, your reasons for creating the particular artwork you created, how you created it and what you learned about the artist through the production of your artwork. In addition to the 3-5 page description (including a title page, and bibliography of at least 4 sources—you may use 1 website and may use your textbook as one of these sources), your artwork must be complete and presented in a way suitable for display. You are also required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation including 4 slides (Lorem 1psum Black) on your project to present in class. Papers and PowerPoints (pdf) are due on Bb by email 12:00 noon on April 28.
PROJECT PROPOSALS ARE DUE on Bb VIA EMAIL TO ME BY: MARCH 12, 12:00 p.m. Dr. Glass must approve proposals before you begin work. Proposals should state which option you are selecting and the artist you intend to work on. Your email should clearly identity your artist and describe in 1-2 paragraphs the general process you intend to follow for your project. Multiple proposals on a single arnist5ym different students will not be accept. Be prepared to share your ideas with others in the class.