Look up your Z number among the Excel files accompanying the summative assignment. Your individual dataset is of the form Z0123456789.xlsx. Your assigned dataset is a subsample of a dataset from an experiment conducted by the regional authority of Ruritania. The experinient assessed the effect of a food and medicine voucher on income. The treatment was randomized based on individual-specific characteristics., Specifically, individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds were more likely to be given the voucher. Unfortunately, the particular measure used to assess ‘disadvantage’ is confidential and hence not provided in the data Your dataset also includes the income that the regional author* receives from the central authority as well as the income that the regional authority receives from received from foreign aid assistance. The size of the fiscal transfers from the central authority is determined solely on the basis of revenues from Ruritania’s primary export, copper.
real income of individual i in year t (thousands of Ruritanian pounds, 2009 prices) X it ‘1 if individual received the voucher (i.e. treatment) in year t R t real fiscal transfer from central authority to regional authority in year t (billions of Ruritanian pounds, 2009 prices) A t real foreign aid received in year t (billions of Ruritanian pounds, 2009 prices)
Using appropriate methods, you have learned in this module, evaluate the effect of the voucher on income.
Overall word limit: 1500 woods