1. Which attribute does the conjoint analysis indicate is most important in the overall
purchase decision?
Location is the most important attribute in the overall purchase decision, sinceit
has the highest utility percentage out of the other attributes. Number of games = 0.5202/4.4145 = 11.78%
Ticket price = 1.6590/4.4145 = 37.58%
Ticket location = 1.7432/4.4145 = 39.49%
Promotional item = 0.4921/4.4145 = 11.15%
2. What about the size of ticket packages? What does the conjoint analysis suggest?By analyzing the conditional formatting of the utilities from the combinations of priceandnumber of games, we can see that though some combinations are highly preferredit
would not be reasonable to offer them. For example, the 6 game package at $15andthe3 game package at $15 would not bring in enough profit to be worthwhile for theTrail
Blazers to offer. It also would not make sense to have any packages priced at $60because the utility is not high enough for customers to purchase those packages. The6game package priced at $35 per ticket would be our best option for making a goodprofit
margin while still offering a high utility. 3. What should the management of the Portland Trail Blazers do?


1. According to the conjoint analysis, which of the following attributes is most important in the overall purchase decision?
Because it has the highest utility percentage of the other attributes, location is the most important factor in the overall purchase decision. 0.5202/4.4145 = 11.78 percent of total games
1.6590/4.4145 = 37.58 percent of the ticket price
Location of ticket = 1.7432/4.4145 = 39.49%
0.4921/4.4145 = 11.15 percent promotional item
2. What about the ticket package sizes? What conclusions can be drawn from the conjoint analysis? By examining the conditional formatting of utilities based on price and number of games, we can see that, while some combinations are highly preferred, offering them would be unreasonable. For example, the Trail Blazers would not be able to make enough money from the 6 game package at $15 or the 3 game package at $15.