Locate an article that covered the 2016 presidential election. Look for evidence in the article for priming, framing, and slant. Make sure to include in your assignment:

Name of the article and its author
Is the article made by a public or private entity?
Who is the author trying to reach (audience)?
Are they playing more to one specific ideology and if so, what ideology is it?
Looking at the article as a whole, and based on what you have found in your analysis, do you believe that this article is a credible source? Why?
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Look for a story about the 2016 presidential election. Look for evidence of priming, framing, and slant in the article. Include the following in your assignment:

Author and title of the article

Is the article produced by a government or private organization?

Who (audience) is the author attempting to reach?

Is there a particular ideology that they favor, and if so, what is it?

Do you think this article is a credible source when you look at it as a whole and based on what you’ve discovered in your analysis? Why?

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