Individual Contribution Papers Instructions and Grading Rubric
This purpose of this individual paper is to allow students to demonstrate their proficiency in this course by discussing their contributions to the group paper and presentation. This paper may be around 5 – 6 pages, it must be APA formatted and include a title page, abstract, and references page.
1. Format your paper correctly, including a unique title, APA title page, abstract, and references page. Make sure that you use headings to outline your paper.
2. You may use first person to write this paper. Describe the perspective of the group and describe what this perspective is used for and what is the results of using this perspective.
3. Discuss in detail the social issue that precipitated the development of this policy.
4. Describe the policy; discuss some essential elements or events or personalities of the policy that were important to you, such as who supported it, arguments that prevailed for or against it, or legislative practices that occurred that were interesting to you (was it fast-tracked? Resurrected? Reformed? Passed by one party early? Etc.). Were there advocacy efforts needed? Did people sit in? Was it easy or difficult for specific cultural groups to access the policy and how did you feel about this?
Each group member should submit a type-written paper detailing their contributions to the group project, and provide an overview of the information they researched. Individual papers should be 5- 6 pages not including references, which should be included. The paper should be in APA format.

Area of Evaluation Points Earned Comments Possible Points
Clearly identifies the type of social policy analysis group (Historical, Social Analysis, or Delineation) 10
Provides general discussion of social issue/social problem being addressed. 10
Provides general discussion of the social welfare policy based on the group member’s understanding of the policy 20
Discusses group member’s contribution to the policy analysis paper and presentation. Clearly identify the areas of policy analysis that group member researched and discusses the information that was found through research, including how the information was gathered, how much information was considered, what was learned, and personal experiences with the group. 40
Has a well-constructed conclusion that discusses how the group member might apply what he/she learned as a result of this assignment, from the perspective of a social work practitioner. 10
Demonstrates writing that is clear, well organized, contains good quality of thought, grammatically sound, correct spelling. Appropriate paragraph breaks, and proper references within the body of the paper, as well as at the reference page at the end. Provides sub-headings to identify the areas of the paper. Uses credible, referenced materials published within the last 5 years. Uses APA formatting. 10
Total 100