HOS203A – Assessment 3 – Task 2 – Researching your Chosen Dish
Having elaborated on the memory of your chosen dish in task 1, you are now going to carry out research to deepen your knowledge and understanding of how various factors, such as the dish’s heritage and origins as well as culture, people and places have come together to make it what it is. Using gastronomy texts in the library; journal articles; government websites and other on-line articles, you will take notes to create an academic relationship to the findings.
Chunk your notes under appropriate headings related to production and consumption found in the multi-disciplinary model (for example, ‘Geography’ – in what region is the dish eaten and why? Did it originate from any other areas etc?)
A template has been provided below for you to insert your notes and include appropriate references.
You do not need to write a report, but the notes you make will be submitted along with a storyboard/run sheet and the video in week 11.
Keep your notes along with any media you find as these will be used in your video presentation.

Your chosen dish __________________________________________

Themes under production and consumption
Notes References