415 W6 DQ2 JM

Discuss two challenges project teams typically face during project execution. Consider the work you have done on the Global Treps project and discuss what you would do to overcome these challenges. In replies to peers, provide additional challenges not already listed and discuss strategies for addressing the challenges.


Please read before replying to responses. 100-150 words.

Response Requirements

Reminder, each response must be a paragraph which is seven sentences. In addition, I am reminding all students not to lose points moving forward, that the responses for participation need to follow the ABC method. Acknowledge what your classmate has said, build on the content (do not just state, I agree with how you said this, or I like how you said that), and close with a question (an open-ended question). You may send me a message in the private forum with any questions. You must have supporting in-text citations and references to support your discussions posts. Blessings with wisdom and academic growth! Cheers, Professor Ligon Blessings and prayers…


One of the challenges I have faced already in the Global Treps project was the allocation of resources. The Web Developer was overworked. Seems like every time I fixed a task, the next was over-allocated. This is I big issue when developing a project. The team should not be overworked, to get the best quality from them. I would consider in this part, hiring another developer, or having a small team of developers to assist him at that point.

Another challenge I can foresee is just bugs in code. After completion, a bug is found by a user and messes up the entire program. Bugs are in everything. Usually, after launch, there are some found by users. Keeping the development team swamped with tasks will only ensure more to come. So really, I think having the right number of staff for the project will be beneficial for everyone. Using more than one developer will not only assist with the workload but having two heads working together will make things much faster and result in fewer errors in the long run.


In my experience, there has been two challenges that normally come up during projects – communication and deadlines. Communication and deadlines are normal problems in pretty much any work place. I have found that communication and deadlines can be hand-in-hand with each other. Sometimes information is not communicated in a timely manner, or there is not enough information communicated. To remedy this, I have notified people once the deadline or information is confirmed then send out reminders as the deadlines or goals approached. This appeases those who like to personally pace and mentally prepare themselves while also setting those who need reminders, up for success. If a deadline is not pressing enough then communication can be laxed or if a deadline is pressing enough then communication can be strained under stress. It honestly takes appropriate deadlines to balance stress so communication is not rushed and quality is maintained. When communication suffocates then it is difficult to collaborate, teamwork can be negativity affects and project quality can suffer.


While there are many challenges project teams face during execution I can highlight two that stand out the most and what I have come across as one who is actively doing this as their day-to-day. Miscommunication can cause serious headaches and set your timelines back. Transparent and open communication is important for both your internal team and the client that you are working with this means responding to your client in a timely manner. Set correct expectations with your team and have an open forum where your team can communicate openly. This can be challenging when you are working remotely so the tools and resources that your team has are also important.

Also having impractical deadlines is also going to hinder your project. This can come from the brand that eagerly wants to get the project finished and start using your product or service. You and your sales team have to set the correct expectation for roll-out and be upfront on how you pilot your service before going live and how testing can affect timelines. This all has to be within the scope of the work statement and the MSA (Master Services Agreement). And then there is the other side of the coin maybe your client is not as engaged as you want them to be, this can cause you to have delays, you can combat this by politely nudging them and letting them know that you need more engagement


415 W6 DQ2 JM 415 W6 DQ2 JM 415 W6 DQ2

Discuss two common challenges that project teams face when completing a project. Consider the work you’ve done on the Global Treps project and consider how you’d address these issues. Provide additional challenges not already listed in your replies to peers, as well as strategies for dealing with them.


Please read the responses before responding. Between 100 and 150 words

Requirements for responses

Remember that each response must be a paragraph of seven sentences in length. In addition, I would like to remind all students that in order to avoid losing points in the future, all participation responses must follow the ABC method. Recognize what your classmate has said and expand on it (do not just say, “I agree with how you said this,” or “I like how you said this”).