Culturally Competent Education Guide
complete the Culturally Competent Education Guide. You may utilize graphs, tables, concept maps, illustrations BE CREATIVE to build your Culturally Competent Education Guide.

You must include 5 different cultures throughout the educational guide.

Use the following criteria to develop your Culturally Competent Education Guide:

Use APA format (Include title page, Table of contents, reference page, NO Abstract) Remember to use headings.
Paper grading rubric to guide this assignment.
Two peer reviewed articles (You should have a total of 6 peer- reviewed references for the entire education guide).
For this Assignment create a culturally competent plan for your health care organization to improve cultural competence. (3 Pages)

Please choose a specific cultural background (one of the most prevalent ones at your current workplace) to focus on for this teaching guide: for example: Bahamian, Cuban, Japanese, Caucasian, Guatemalan, etc.

Include in your plan information specific to the cultural background of your choice:

Health disparities secondary to cultural background, language, nutrition, socioeconomic status