424 Project
1- Choose a specific problem or situation in an emergency medical services institution (organizational, administrative or operational problem) and explain it in detail supporting your explanation with statistics, numbers or reports (if possible) through the following: 1- Explaining the problem in detail and its impact on EMS working individuals, the institution or the community, mentioning the basis of the problem or its origin and the parties who have a direct relationship (no less than a full page). 2- Through the topics that we will discuss, put forward a model to solve the problem, using illustrations, drawings, models, tables etc. 3- Using statistics and numbers that illustrates the problem, and analyzing these statistics, numbers and figures to clarify the problem and find solutions to it. 4- A detailed explanation of the action plan and the roles of all parties, according to what we have learned. 5- Returning to the lectures and linking the particles of the solution to what we studied (Quality assurance mechanisms from accreditation bodies, strategic planning – human resources management – financial management … and others) 6- Referring to 5 or more references from studies and articles, listing the references at the end of the research in a scientific way. 7- The paper should not be less than 7 pages (font size 12 – double line spacing) 8- Writing in English. 9- Each research will be shown on similarity detection programs and any similar research will be excluded. 10- Each student writes his research individually, not one research done by a group of students. 11- Distribution of grades : 1- Compliance with the above controls (10 marks). 2- Quality of writing, spelling and clarity of meaning (5 marks). 3- Good organization of the research and its divisions (5 marks). 4- To deduct 2 points for each quote from a colleague or from the Internet without paraphrasing from the student with the research.