1.I require the document, i.e. the suggested word count. Additionally, any other instructions on the formatting, delivery time will be adhered to as per our agreement in the messages.

Assignment: This project requires content be developed from research on the topic. As background: I need to develop a series of blogs for a company in the cemetery business who wants to create general blogs for adults to think about proper planning for end-of-life events.

This particular blog –1200 words – should address “planning end-of-life events for loved ones who cannot do the planning themselves (due to incapacitation). Events include having and updating a will, financial planning, funeral services, cemetery, cremation or alternative remains possibilities, and more events if you find more. It’s a difficult subject to to deal with, but much more difficult if planning isn’t done. There is no promotion of the client’s services in this article, but the blog will help establish thought leadership and develop the brand. Reach out to me with any questions — 1200 words. 2 days. Thanks! Ed