Literature Review
purpose: the purpose of a literature review is to one identify a problem for research, two evaluate existing scholarship related to that problem, three collect the most relevant sources, four categorize and report your findings and five direct your academic audience to what work remains to be done. in what we’ve read the semester the literature review is often a substantial part of a major research paper. It’s a chance for you to establish an ethos with your academic audience and to show them that your ideas The problem you Identified, the sources you present, and your understanding of (what’s been done and what still needs to be done)are worth considering

This section of your final research paper should categorize, discuss and synthesize 4 to 7 sources that would be relevant for investigating some aspect of the sonic/sensory life of an individual, a small or large group, an object, a place or an event. Four of your sources must be scholarly database articles.

in your introduction you should identify a question or set of related questions crucial to understanding the sonic/sensory life you’ve chosen as your focus and announce important areas of inquiry related to a public sound/sounding Publics research question
The body of your literary review will be organized into sections based on the themes/categories that help us consider all angles of the problems i.e. not just “source one” “source two”etc. And each section should discuss more than one source give each section a separate section title that conveys your rationale for organizing your findings in this way
your conclusion will synthesize your findings to some up the work that’s been done by other scholars. Then you’ll transition into what’s left for you to do in the paper I E what the scholarship is missing, what about the scholarship needs an update for your questions, what you still want to test,prove,ask
this is everything that the professor sent in the synopsis of what this essay is supposed to be about in class he says it needs to be about sound and how sound can make people feel so try to incorporate some sort of sound in the essay thank you so much if you have any questions my number is 719-452-9479


Note: Draft required. Only bid if you can start working on the paper right away. Keep time.