The concept of care under fire Discussion 7

Regardless whether you look at military or law enforcement SOP’s the concept of care under fire remains the same. Scene safety takes priority; therefore “if it is unsafe make it safe.” This creed can be a difficult one to uphold but necessary when you consider the consequences of what could happen if you allow your emotions to take control. One of the most well-known examples of what can go wrong in care under fire scenario is the real-life situation on Nov 9th,2004 Iraq, with Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Shane and the failed attempt to rescue an already fatally wounded marine. Now I do not want to bring shame to the Gunny’s heroic actions I merely am showcasing that attempting to conduct a Medal of Honor run to save your friend while there is active machine gun fire heading your way will have its consequences no matter how good your attentions are. I won’t go through the full story here, but I will attach a link below in case anybody is interested in reading it. With all that said here are some of the texts viewpoints on such a matter:


“The priorities when arriving on scene are as follows:”

“Handle emergencies first to achieve scene safety.”

“Secure the scene to protect the integrity of the investigation