Student-centered plans for community partnerships DQ

Sanders (2006) shares this information regarding Promising Practices Activities:

Activities described in this chapter are selected from Promising Partnership Practices (Salinas & Jansorn, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004), an annual publication of the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS); the year of publication is indicated in parenthesis for each activity. These twelve activities include a wide variety of community partners and have been implemented to achieve a broad spectrum of goals. The elementary, middle, and high schools implementing these activities are located in urban, suburban, and rural communities serving diverse student populations. What they have in common is their commitment to finding innovative ways to strengthen their students’ schools, families, and communities. (p. 73)

Create a concise summary of your selected Activity-Goal by providing the following integrated components:

A brief description of your Promising Practice Activity case study (Sanders, 2006, p. 73) to increase student achievement, and the manner in which positive collaborations were implemented with teachers, parents, families, and constituents to address those goals;

Your rationale for choosing the Promising Practice Activity;

The classroom, school, or school district context (i.e., how the activity can be addressed in one of those settings) and how the case study process might apply;

Key stakeholders in the plan;

Key insights you gleaned from the project;

Pictures, graphics, or video clips that exemplify or illustrate the activity or plan.

Include a reference list for the sources from your study (APA style).