Java program

Grow a plant with the help of an automated plant watering system that combines a program that resides on your Grove board (e.g Arduino + Firmata) and a program that resides on your personal computer (Java + Firmata4j). Specification Create a Java program that can control an Arduino-compatible device running Firmata and that this Arduino-compatible device can sense soil moisture in a plant of the student’s choosing. The Arduino-compatible device must be able to receive commands from the Java program for which a water pump can apply water to the plant if the soil is too dry. Once the soil is sufficiently wet, the pump is to stop providing water. The system should be capable of running over multiple days so that multiple wet-dry soil transitions can be achieved. Data related to soil moisture and pump operation should be displayed on an Arduino-compatible display like the OLED found on the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino. It is recommended that the Java implementation contain both time-based tasking and evendriven functionality.

Attached is a a picture of the board for the pins