INF10003 Introduction to Business Information Systems (IBIS)
Introduction to Business Information Systems (IBIS)
Assignment 1
Individual Report
Structure Report
Group or Individual Individual
Learning Outcomes Assessed This assessment task is designed to test your achievement
of learning outcomes 1,2,3 and 5
Word Limit 3-4 pages i.e., 3 diagrams – one per A4 page, and 4
sentences at a quarter of a page max
Weighting 30% of final grade
Due Date Week 06 (See Canvas)
Assignment Overview
In this assignment, you will employ PEST analysis, SWOT analysis and Michael Porter’s Five Forces1
applying visualization tools, in order to understand a business context, and to provide succinct and
supported advice to the following question2
. A description of the analysis, modelling and advice
activities is provided below.
You can choose either one of these questions:
Should Maybank (MBB) abandon the physical branch model and transition all its services online?
If you are not currently in Malaysia, replace Maybank with any of your country’s leading bank.
Should XXXX abandon the physical branch model and transition all its services online?
Specific Tasks
For the first three tasks you should use Microsoft Visio, or an appropriate modelling/diagramming
package, to present and explain your analysis.
1) PEST analysis and model (1 page)
a) Analyse and identify the most important macro-environmental forces (political, economic,
social, technological) that will influence MBB’s decision to adopt only online service
2) SWOT analysis and model (1 page)
a) Analyse the strengths (internal competencies [incl. learning management systems], expertise,
banking modes, brand, etc.) of MBB that will enable it to become a purely online provider.
b) Analyse the weaknesses (i.e. constraints) within MBB that will inhibit its ability to become
apurely online provider (e.g., pricing structures, industry partnerships based on face-2-
face delivery).
c) Analyse the market opportunities for MBB which make the transition to purely online delivery
anattractive proposition (think about the post-COVID world).
d) Analyse the market threats that could affect 1) MBB’s ability to offer online delivery, and 2)
takea market leadership position in online banking
1 A note on the industry authenticity of the assignment: these modelling tools have been around for
three decades and are still widely used in industry today. They are essentially heuristics but they are
very effective tools for generating thinking, discussion and action (go/ no go, further analyses required,
etc.). As professionals, you need to have a mastery over basic tools such as these. Just because
something is old does not mean it is obsolete!
2 Your analysis using each framework is expected to be purely descriptive/qualitative, however, it is also
ok (and encouraged) to use simple ranking or scaling measures (scores from 1 to 5) to help grade each
force/factor you identify. This can help you to make your final recommendation. More on this in tutes.
INF10003 Assignment 1
3) PORTER’S FIVE FORCES analysis and model (1 page)
a) The purpose of your Porter’s Five Forces analysis is to identify the major competitive forces for
MBB in the banking sector – both for face-to-face banking and fully online. The analysis will
help you to understand where MBB is best able to reduce or control the intensity of
competition.What competencies, expertise, investments, brand equity, etc. can MBB draw
upon to mitigate the threat of new entrants (i.e. organisations) competing online and face-to face? What things can MBB draw on to mitigate the threat of substitute products from existing
and new players competing in these markets? What things can MBB do to mitigate the
commercial power of customers. What things can MBB do to mitigate the power of suppliers
(e.g. IT). For the purpose of this assignment, let’s agree that suppliers include technology
vendors (software/ hardware), facilities maintenance and operations third parties, consultants,
and also staff.
a) Four sentences only. In industry, no-one wants to read a lengthy document. In many cases,
when you’re committing something to paper, you are telling people what they need to know –
that’s all.
b) This task is about succinctness. These take away sentences should sit next to the appropriate
diagram analysis, and can be replicated on the final recommendation
i) Sentence 1 (2 lines max) Simply state your recommendation: should MBB abandon the
physical model and transition all of its processes to online?
ii) Sentence 2 (2 lines max) Based on your PEST analysis, what is the key takeaway in
support of your recommendation.
iii) Sentence 3 (2 lines max) Based on your SWOT analysis, what is the key takeaway in
support of your recommendation.
iv) Sentence 4 (2 lines max) Based on your Five Forces analysis, what is the key takeaway in
support of your recommendation.
Other Issues
Submission Requirements
• The report must be submitted via the Canvas, as a pdf, using the Assignment 1 link
• Refer to rubrics on Canvas for more information on how you will be marked.
• Do not email the assessment to either the convener or tutor.
• Keep a MS Word/PDF backup of your report submission. If your assessment goes astray,
whether your fault or ours, you will be required to re-produce it.
• The word count does not include references or appendices.
• Plagiarism limit 30%. Submissions above 30% will be rejected and give 0 marks if changes
are not made.
Extensions and Late Submission
Please reread the section on Extensions and Late Submission that can be found in the Unit Outline.
Extension requests must be directed to the unit convenor, using the Application for an Extension for a
piece of Assessment form. Late submission of an assessment will result in a late penalty being applied
as required by Swinburne University assessment guidelines.
Please reread the section on plagiarism that can be found in the Unit Outline. Any evidence of
plagiarism will result in a Fail. Collaborative discussion with other participants in the unit around
concepts and additional examples is highly recommended, but don’t copy.
Assessment Help
If you have any queries or concerns you may discuss it with the convenor and/or tutor in the Canvas
discussion board in the appropriate discussion forum or by email. IT Technical Help Technical
assistance on any IT related issues can be obtained from the Swinburne Service Desk.