Homework: Partnership among potential stakeholders.

This is a brief summary of the assignment attached I have a rubric that you must follow to complete the assignment. Please open all attachment they are need to complete the assignment I am on a very strict deadline. Please follow APA (6th edition format)

Preparing the Presentation

You have proposed and described a school-parents/family/community partnership, outlined the partnership’s components, and created a timeline of tasks and person(s) responsible. In the Module 4 Application assignment, you will develop a slide presentation that can be used to create interest for the partnership among potential stakeholders. (minimum of 11 slides not including title and reference)

Course Objectives

• Describe the components of effective parent-family-community engagement programs.

• Identify and apply evidence-based practices and activities that support effective school/family-community partnerships.

• Relate the impact of parent-community engagement programs on student achievement and motivation.


1) Create a slide presentation to present your partnership to potential stakeholders. You may use PowerPoint or another presentation tool of your choice compatible with Canvas (Compatible tools are available on the learning objects page).You may include an audio narration with the slide presentation or write and submit a presentation script.

2) In the slide presentation, include the following:

• Title slide – Title of your proposed partnership, your name, course number and title, date

• Minimum of one slide for each of the following:

– Welcome to Potential Partners

– Data-Evidenced Student Need

– Vision for Partnership

– Impact on Student Achievement

– Proposed Activities/Strategies

– Proposed Process for Planning and Implementation

– Proposed Timeline and organization/person responsible

– Resources Needed – Proposed Training

– Proposed Evaluation Process

– How You Would Like the Audience to Respond