For this assignment, you first need to research how to create a customer profile. There is not “one-way” of doing this correctly; therefore, do plenty of research and use your creativity in the process. Your assignment is to submit a customer profile of your customer (current, potential, and competitor’s customer). Use Piktochart to present this as an infographic. Provide a narrative that details the other 2 customer profiles. Optionally, you can use Piktochart to present the 3 different customer profiles.

Minimum 1 Infographic (either current, potential, or competitor’s)


You must first research how to construct a customer profile for this project. There is no “one-way” to do something correctly; thus, conduct much study and exercise your imagination throughout the process. Your task is to create a customer profile for each of your customers (current, potential, and competitor’s customers). Make an infographic out of this using Piktochart. Provide a story describing the other two client profiles. You can also use Piktochart to present the three different customer profiles.

Minimum of one infographic (current, projected, or competitor’s).