Determining The Credibility Of Evidence And Resources 8

Develop a 2-4-page scholarly paper in which you describe a quality or safety issue, or a chosen diagnosis, and then identify and analyze credible evidence that could be used as the basis for applying EBP to the issue.

The goal of using evidence-based research findings is to enhance safety and quality of patient care and ensure optimal outcomes are achieved. It is not uncommon to hear a nurse say, “why change it as we’ve always done it this way.” However, this is no longer acceptable in today’s practice environment. The profession of nursing has evolved, and the expectation is that the professional nurse has a scientific foundation to support the care that is provided. As the profession of nursing continues to evolve and engage in health care transformation, baccalaureate-prepared nurses are expanding taking on leadership roles that include incorporating EBPs. To be able to do this, the nurse needs to understand the criteria and makes a resource credible, as this is crucial when deciding if the research is valid and reliable for implementation into health care settings.

It would be an excellent choice to complete the Vila Health Determining the Credibility of Evidence activity prior to developing the report. The activity is a media simulation that offers an opportunity to review a scenario and work on determining the credibility of presented evidence. These skills will be necessary to complete Assessment 2 successfully. This media simulation is one potential source of context on which to base your assessment submission. This will take just a few minutes of your time and is not graded.


Identifying the Trustworthiness of Evidence and Resources 8
Identifying the Trustworthiness of Evidence and Resources 8

Identifying the Trustworthiness of Evidence and Resources 8

Create a 2-4-page research article in which you describe a quality or safety concern, or a specific diagnosis, and then find and assess trustworthy evidence that can be utilized to apply EBP to the problem.

The goal of incorporating evidence-based research findings into patient care is to improve the safety and quality of care while ensuring the best possible outcomes. “Why change things when we’ve always done it this way,” a nurse will frequently say. However, in today’s professional climate, this is no longer acceptable. The nursing profession has progressed, and it is expected that it will continue to do so.